Drama Review: Second To Last Love

Warning: spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.

Ah, love. It’s good to be in love. That’s how Second To Last Love will leave an impression on you after you’ve finished this drama.

It tells the story of two 46 year olds named Go Sang Sik (Ji Jin Hee), a public official, and Kang Min Joo (Kim Hee Ae), a drama producer. They become involved with each other and feelings grow.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure about starting this one because this kind of drama isn’t my thing. I watched it solely for the purpose of seeing another Kim Seul Gi drama and because why not give it a try, right? So I did. And it’s a choice I don’t regret one bit.

I loved how the story didn’t only involve the main characters’ love story development but a lot of different couples were involved and all kinds of love was explored and it was honestly very heartwarming to see that unfold.

From Go Sang Sik and Kang Min Joo’s mature romance to Park Joon Woo (Kwak Si Yang) and Go Mi Rye’s (Kim Seul Gi) blossoming romance. It also showed family and marital love through married couple Go Sang Hee and Park Cheon Soo and a love between the not-so-young Dok Go Bong and Na Choon Woo who are both learning to love again.

It was fun to see and watch their own mini dramas unfold and because of that, the drama didn’t run out of stories to tell.

I also have to mention how beautiful the cast looks. I mean, look at them! They’re visuals are off the top and each one of them has a charm they give their characters that helps them in their portayal and the fact that each character was so relatable it’s uncanny.

I would definitely recommend this drama to you guys. If you decide to watch this for one actor or one couple, I swear you’d stay for everyone else in the drama. That’s how it was for me, at least.

Note: credits to all owners of photos used for this blog


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