Drama Review: Chicago Typewriter

Warning: spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.

Chicago Typewriter tells the story of the present and past lives of three people: Han Se Joo/Seo Hwi Young (Yoo Ah In), Jeon Seol/Ryoo Soo Hyun (Im Soo Jung), and Yoo Jin Oh/Shin Yool (Go Kyung Pyo).

First off, I can’t go on with this review without having to applaud the team behind this drama, especially the writing team. This was one of the well-written dramas I’ve ever watched. It may seem exaggerated, but believe me, it’s true. It’s amazing how the whole concept was thought of to bring this drama together.

The transition between the characters’ past and present lives and how they were connected to each other was amazingly done I had to keep my hand on my chest for most of the time to control my emotions.

The drama basically revolved our three main people, so I’ll talk about them and how their characters made me feel.

First, let me talk about the three of them as one. Better known together as the Kyungsung Trio, these three gave me all the right feels, right to my heart. Whether it be their ill-fated past lives together or their humorous present lives together, they scream squad goals and keep you wishing for more of their can’t-be-missed friendship.

Ah, Yoo Ah In. As expected, he didn’t let me down with his performance in this 2017 drama. He seemed effortless portraying an arrogant but genius writer, a character that seemed familiar and whom I have missed from his film Like for Likes. His character seemed so real it hurts. He’s such an amazing actor, it hurts.

With Im Soo Jung’s character, I didn’t and don’t know what to do. Do I love her or despise her? Tough call these days. One minute, I love her and all the things she experiences because the girl is basically fangirl goals and everything a fangirl dreams of happened to her. Then I hate having to deal with her for some moments on the drama.

For the record, I loved her for most of it, but there were just moments when she appeared to be too much for me to handle.

I, of course, saved the best of the three for last. Can I just talk about how he looked so precious for most of the drama and how he looked like a puppy who needs to be cared for? This is the perfect time for that kdrama phrase came for blah, stayed for blah. You could say that his a main reason to finish this drama. I came for Yoo Ah In but defintely stayed for Go Kyung Pyo, his character to be more precise.

Chicago Typewriter was honestly one of the best dramas I’ve seen. It keeps you on your toes wanting for more, makes you laugh for a good amount of time. Will I recommend this drama? Yes. of course! It’s honestly one of the best written dramas I’ve watched and I couldn’t afford someone like you to miss it.

Note: credits to all owner of photos used for this blog


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