Drama Review: Healer

Spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.

After such a long time being on my to-watch list and after my friend’s recommendation on more than one occasion, I finally got up, watched, and finished Healer.

Healer tells the story of three people, Healer/Park Bong Soo/Seo Jung Hoo (Ji Chang Wook), Chae Young Shin/Oh Ji An (Park Min Young), and Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Jo Tae) as they try to uncover the truth behind an incident that happened in 1992.

I loved dramas like this one, yes. I loved the action and all the twists this drama gave me, yes. Was I satisfied? Honestly, yes and no. It took me more than two weeks to finish this one. Usually, it takes me three days, two days if I’m really into the drama. But somehow, with this, I just wasn’t feeling it. Don’t get me wrong, I somehow loved it. This drama had its strong points here and there, but it just was not consistent.

Basically, here’s what I loved and not so loved about Healer.

The cast ugh. I felt like every character and actor playing his/her role was perfect. From the lead characters to the villains and bad guys on the other side, every single one has their own charm that made the character solely theirs. I’d also like to commend the young versions of the five friends because damn. I loved them all and I wish the drama could’ve dealt with them more than they did. While I’m talking about the actor choices here, I can’t just leave out the main man, Healer himself, Ji Chang Wook.

How can he do that? Seriously, how? This is the first Ji Chang Wook drama I’ve watched and he surprised me. I honestly didn’t know he was this great of an actor. He showed so many faces and personalities in one drama alone and I was stunned by his acting skills. He goes from being the cool and independent night courier to the timid and scaredy-cat newbie reporter in a matter of seconds and I just can’t help but applaud him.

Though I think the casting choices were near perfect, somehow, the Young Shin-Jung Hoo couple didn’t have much of an appeal to me. Of course this couple had their moments here and there but it just wasn’t enough for me to totally ship them. Both did amazing jobs at their characters but somehow their chemistry was just off.

Another thing I really loved about this drama was the storyline of these five friends who used to broadcast pirate radio in the ’80s. I wished and still wish that there would be a drama that revolves around these five friends and their lives as journalists. And how the past was connected to the three main characters’ lives was just brilliant. I loved that aspect of the drama so much it hurts. Though I loved this part of the drama’s plot, there was one thing I thought was a downfall.

I felt like the drama was too dragging, especially in the earlier episodes. I don’t think there was too much going on and this caused me to delay finishing this one. For an action drama, which I love, it lacked that keep-you-at-the-edge-of-your-seat factor. This only came around towards the last episodes. It didn’t really keep me on my toes and wanting for more, causing me to delay watching the next one episode. It was honestly too dragging and just had a couple moments of that it factor.

I didn’t love this drama as much as I expected myself to, especially with my friend’s strong recommendation on many occasions. It had its strong points too, of course, but it just kind of left me feeling like meh.

Note: credits to all owners of photos used for this blog


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