Drama Review: Oh My Ghostess

Warning: spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

Oh My Ghostess tells the story of a timid and shy assistant cook (Park Bo Young), her overly-confident boss (Jo Jong Suk), a virgin ghost with a grudge (Kim Seul Gi), and a policeman that just might not be what he seems (Lim Ju Hwan). It has the perfect amount of romance, comedy, and mystery to just keep you on your toes.

It made me laugh and cry. It made my head spin trying to grasp every mystery there is in this drama. It made my heart flutter from all those sweet and tear-jerking moments.

I don’t know where to start with this couple. I literally don’t. I absolutely love everything about them. The push and pull, the fights, the childish but oh so cute moments, all the clichès ghad. There was no second lead (and in my opinion the drama did not need in any way), a little bit of female lead which didn’t even last, and it was perfect. The way their characters and relationship developed was heartwarming. And have I mentioned? They make my heart flutter in every possible way.

Let me just get it out there. Lim Ju Hwan aka the cop I can’t decide whether to love or to hate and the ending didn’t help either did an amazing job portraying his character, Officer Choi Sung Jae. One minute I want to wrap him in my arms and protect him from all his pain then the next minute I just want to push him off of a cliff. I just don’t know what to expect from him and how to settle my feelings about him. And the ending didn’t help either (if you’ve seen it, you’d understand). Do I love him? Do I hate him? Do I still believe and hold on to the little humanity left in him? I don’t know. I just don’t know.

Another gem of an actor from this drama was Kim Seul Gi. She did an amazing job at portraying a ghost whose grudge stops her from ascending to heaven. My heart laughs, cries, and just sympathizes with Shin Soon Ae and her poor, tragic fate. I laughed and cried with her, which I believe is not an easy task for an actor. She honestly deserves better and Kim Seul Gi made sure I felt that. She’s probably my favorite character (together with Officer Choi of course). They both deserved better than what they got. And both actors, in my humble opinion, deserve more leading roles in the near future.

Whether they’re inside the kitchen or out drinking, there was never a dull moment when these guys appear before you. They’re pretty much in charge of the comedy side of the drama. Were they able to do a good job? Of course they did. Each guy was funny and charming in his own right. If Sun Restaurant does exist around me and it has these funny guys as its employees, they better expect me to eat every meal at their place.

I couldn’t ask for a better and much suited ensemble that what the drama has blessed me with. Everyone has given the drama something I don’t think any other actor could give. They were all perfect for the role they took on and I applaud the team behind this drama for a job well done on casting. From the main actors to all the supporting actors, I think they all did a splendid job. No reason and no room at all for hate.

If you want a feel good drama that has the perfect amount of funny, tear-jerking, heart fluttering, and keep-you-on-the-edge of your seat moments, then Oh My Ghostess is perfect for you. I started my summer with this drama and I’m off to a good start.

Note: credits to all owners of photos used for this blog


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