Drama Review: W – Two Worlds

Major spoiler alert! You have been warned. Read at your own risk!

I just finished watching another 2016 Kdrama trend, and I must say, I was not disappointed with how story unravelled. Honestly, I became critical with the 2016 Kdrama trends and I was really happy to have watched another hyped drama and not be disappointed.

I loved this drama. From all the drama surrounding the characters to all the action between the protagonist and antagonist, I absolutely loved it. I actually looked forward to this drama because of Lee Jong Suk who played Kang Chul. Watching his previous dramas, I knew that his characters are always surrounded by heavy drama so there won’t be any dull moment. And I sure was not disappointed.

Here is a list of things I absolutely loved about W – Two Worlds:

1. The Plot

I loved the direction of this drama’s plot. I love all the action going on between Kang Chul and his villains. I loved how even at the first few episodes, a lot of things already happened. But this fact actually alarmed me because there was a great possibility that because of the great action that already happened early on, the rest of the drama would be a bit boring. But that defintely wasn’t the case. I don’t know how the writer was able to fit all these storylines in this drama for 16 episodes. And it was done skillfuly.

2. Heartbreak and a lot of heartbreaks

For some reason, I didn’t feel Lee Jong Suks’s (Kang Chul) and Hang Hyo Joo’s (Oh Yeon Joo) chemistry. I just didn’t feel it and wasn’t that moved by the on-going love story between the two leads. However, halfway through the drama, I absolutely loved all their heartbreaking moments. How Kang Chul forgot all about her and they still got to meet each other was just too much feels. How Oh Yeon Joo was the only one who remembers their past and how she was made to suffer alone was just too heartbreaking to watch but also made me root for them towards the end.

3. Twists and Turns

This drama was a full package of twists and turns. Every episode was full of explosions and there was not a dull moment (at least I don’t remember any). This drama made sure to not let viewers have a feeling of reassurance. Just when you thought everything’s going well as planned, boom, a twist and turn are both on your way.

4. Father-Daughter Relationship

This was not only a story of fantasy and romance between the leads, I also undeniably fell in love with Oh Sung Moo’s love for his daughter. Throughout the drama, you can feel his endless love for her, even if having the same face as the killer made things difficult for them. And the ending, wow, the ending. I cried at how he chose his daughter’s happiness with Chul instead of with him.

I loved this drama and this quenched my thirst for another great drama. I looked forward to watching this one and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

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2 thoughts on “Drama Review: W – Two Worlds

    1. My friend actually told me reviews on this drama aren’t good but surprisingly, I loved it. You should give it a try! ☺️☺️


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