Drama Review: Prime Minister and I

Sooooo, I just finished watching Prime Minster and I. Seriously, I finished it like 20 minutes ago. Though it took me quite a while to finish the drama because of school and exams (wohoo), I honestly loved every moment of it. This one gave me so much feels that I cried and smiled and shouted at my laptop screen for the days I was trying to finish it.

The two main characters (Nam Da Jung and Kwon Yul) played by Im Yoona and Lee Beom Soo, respectively, were just brilliant. They played both characters so well that they can lead you to believe that everything in this drama world is real. I wasn’t surprised by how attached I felt with Lee Beom Soo’s character but Im Yoona’s acting actually surprised me. I never thought I’d love her in an acting job (for a reason I’m not sure of lol). She makes emotions so heart-felt that you can’t help but actually feel everything with her.

Plus, their chemistry was just off the top! I am personally a big fan of on-screen couples with age gaps, and this one didn’t disappoint. I loved every moment they shared, especially in the last few episodes. They made me laugh, cry, and wish for my own true love. The development in their relationship was just entertaining to watch. You honestly won’t be able to keep you eyes off the screen once these two share even a single moment.

All the drama, revelations, and tension between characters made this drama even more fun and entertaining to watch. The ending was a bit disappointing since it was too short of a closure. It will keep you begging for a sequel even though fans know this is pretty much impossible for a drama. But nonetheless, it was a great drama and a much recommended must watch!

Note: credits to all owners of photos used for this blog


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