Police/Crime Dramas

Police or Crime dramas is just one of the many genres in K-drama land. Ever since my first drama in this line, it has become one of my favorites. I fell in love with all the action and drama between the characters; the fact that dramas from this genre make viewers think and even give us headaches; I loved all the twists and how twisted criminals and culprits can be. Besides rom-com dramas, this has got to be in my top favorite genres. So here are the police and crime dramas I’ve watched so far and are much recommended dramas for anyone looking for a show to binge watch.

1. Crime Squad/Detectives In Trouble

“This drama outlines the various stories in which detectives with strong personalities solve their ways through crimes with different investigative methods and know-hows.”
(Source: Crime Squad/Detectives In Trouble)

This one is my first drama from this genre. This introduced me to this sort of genre and my love for it. I watched mainly for my love for Song Ji Hyo, and of course Song Il Gook for being the father of the triplets (I first watched them on The Return of Superman). I loved the drama and heated atmosphere between Song Il Gook’s and Lee Jong Hyuk’s characters. Also, the chemistry between Song Il Kook and Song Ji Hyo was just off the roof!  Their chemistry was insane and I loved every single moment that passed between them. The cliffhangers after each episode and all the twists were just enough to make viewers go insane.

2. Signal

“A mysterious walkie talkie allows a detective in 1989 to communicate with a cold case profiler from 2015; with the power of fore and hindsight, the two not only solve crimes but prevent them from ever taking place. However, a long standing murder case is closer to home than either realizes.”
(Source: Signal)

This drama is a must watch for those starting with this kind of genre. I loved all the crimes involved in this one; the mysteries, the twists, the unexpected turn of events. I honestly loved the lack of romance in this one (though there is a bit of romance and chemistry going on between the characters of Kim Hye Soo and Cho Jin Woong). Because of that, the drama forcused on the crimes involved and the stories of each lead. I loved how even with the drama’s finale, I was left with so many questions left unanswered and I was left still figuring out what the hell happened with the whole drama.

3. Gap Dong

“20 years ago Moo Yeom’s (Yoon Sang Hyun) father was a suspect in the “Gap Dong” serial murder case. Because of the detectives’ oppressive investigation, Moo Yeom’s father killed himself.

Now, Moo Yeom is a detective and works to capture the killer Gap Dong. The statue of limitations has expired for the serial murder case and Moo Yeom resigns to the belief that Gap Dong is dead. New clues though for Gap Dong appears in front of Moo Yeom and he sets out to catch him once and for all.”

(Source: Gap Dong)

So far, this is the only police drama I’ve watched where they really focused on just one case. And I actually though it was a great idea. It put in more details that couldn’t be done with just one or two episodes for a single case. There were so much twists in this drama that my head ache all through out the days I was binge watching this. I loved all the madness each character possessed. They were all twisted and mad in their own little way. Each actor played their characters well and I especially loved Lee Joon as Ryu Tae Oh. He played the character so brillianty, I started hating him (that is a complimemt, yes). I loved the chemistry Kim Ji Won’s character has with both Lee Joon’s and Yoon Sang Hyun’s characters and honestly wished a happy ending of her with one of them. I didn’t  get my wish, no, but I loved how they wrapped things up in its finale.

With this, I hope I could help more drama lovers love this often overlooked genre of dramas. What do you think about Police/Crime dramas? What’s your top favorite? Let me know in the comments section down below!

Note: credits to all owners of photos used for this blog


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