Movie Review: Sunny

Warning! Spoilers ahead. You have been warned!

Sunny is a 2011 movie about a group of high school friends who reunited as adults to fulfill a friend’s dying wish. This movie is just the perfect amount of laughter and tears.

The friendship of these seven girls was just precious. They reminded me of my own high school friends. They had misunderstandings, fights, and breakouts (especially between Na Mi and Su Ji), but they didn’t fail to prove their genuine friendship in the end.

They were different in every way, but this is what draws them together. One’s a model, a double eyelids devotee, an aspiring beaty pageant title holder, a swear fanatic, a book worm, a leader, and a new kid. They differ in personalities and hobbies, but that didn’t stop them from being the best of friends.

Although they promised and swore to still be together, even after Su Ji’s accident, the circumstances didn’t let this happen. Eventually, they all went their separate ways and the reality that this can happen anytime and to anyone will honestly hit you like a ton of bricks.

But what I loved most about this movie and their friendship was how they all still came together. Despite being adults and having busy schedules, they all came together to fulfill a dear friend’s wish. They even danced that production number they didn’t get to perform because of the incident when they were in high school. They smiled and performed happily for their friend. And though it was late, Su Ji showed up and once again, Sunny is complete, 7/7.

But what really teared me up was when they were shown as high schoolers. The same circumstances, the same event that brought  them all together, they were just back to being teenagers. It showed the viewers that no matter how many years have passed, they were still the same kids from high school, that their friendship was still stronger than ever.

Note: credits to all owners of photos used for this blog


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