Drama Review: A Gentleman’s Dignity


I don’t remember how long it has been since I put A Gentleman’s Dignity in my to-watch dramas list, and now I finally, finally found my way around to finish this gem of a drama.

I loved everything about this drama, except for the female lead Seo Yi Soo. From the very beginning, I really found her character rather annoying. I had to endure her for 20 episodes, making this drama a bit hard to finish. But nonetheless, I was able to finish and just fell in love with this series.

So, here is a list of things I absolutely loved about this drama:

1. Bromance


This drama just overflows with bromance. And that’s honestly the best thing there is to this show. The friendship of the four male leads – Kim Do Jin, Choi Yoon, Im Tae San, and Lee Jung Rok – makes you wish you have friends like them, or better yet, that you’re friends with them. These four are honestly the real #squadgoals. But the leads were not the only ones who showed great chemistry and bromance on screen.


Colin and Kim Dong Hyub showed that there’s no better bond between friends than to share the pain of their unrequited noona love. These two friends made me love this drama more. One sang at his first love’s wedding and the other helped another man propose to his first love. Ah, the joy and pain love brings to us, youth.

2. Choi Yoon – Im Meari


This couple is the OTP. Meari’s first love, Yoon’s painful past experience in love, and a fairy tale ending, this couple has it all. I just wished they could’ve put more of their story in the drama. They overcame everything that hindered them from being together, and in the end? A happy ending I cried buckets about. I seriously, seriously need more of them, whether be it their own drama or their own movie or even an episode just to satisfy my cravings and need of Yoon and Meari.

3. Prologues


The unique and one of the best features of this drama are the prologues shown at the beginning of every episode. It gives the viewers a glimpse of the four male leads’ friendship and how they became inseparable. The prologues range from them being in high school, college, or adults to how they tried to stop Rok from being a divorcee. It shows all the things they went through together, leading them to the friends they are today. I especially loved the prologue from episode 20 (picture shown above). The viewers were brought back to the male leads’ high school days, when they first met each other.

Seeing each characters’ development throughout the drama, it makes my heart flutter. From being those immature middle-aged men, they became responsible men who vowed to love one woman in their life. All their adventures towards their unbreakable friendship and their own happy endings made laugh and cry hysterically.

Have you watched A Gentleman’s Dignity? What did you think about it? If you haven’t, you better check it out, come back here, and comment down below what you loved most about the drama?

Note: credits to all owners of photos used for this blog


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