6 Years of Running Man


Today marks the 6th anniversary of SBS’s Running Man. Yay! It has been six long years since its first episode aired on July 11, 2010.

It’s just right for Running Man’s viewers and avid fans to thank all the people behind this wonderful program – the members, PDs, VJs, writers, and all the staff. Thank you so much for coming up with this show that makes us laugh and cry every Sunday for six years.

Now, here are just some things I absolutely love all throughout the show’s 6-year run:

1. SpartAce Couple


Ah, SpartAce. This is my favorite hidden couple on RM. Wait, no. Actually, this is my favorite RM couple of all-time. I honestly ship these two more than I ship Monday Couple. Yeah, I know. Monday Couple is like the “representative couple” of the show, but look at them, just look at them! Remember their first pepero kiss game? Gosh it was such a pity that the ice broke. They didn’t even get to go halfway! The way they interact together, care for each other, it’s just too damn cute! I think part of the reason why these two are so shippable is because we don’t a lot f SpartAce moments. That’s what makes each small couple moment so cute and makes you crave for more.

2. Joong Ki and Lizzy


Am I the only that does not only miss our Joong Ki but also our dear Lizzy? Yeah, she didn’t leave quite a mark, but she was still a part of the show. I loved all the episodes where Joong Ki or Lizzy appeared as guests or made special appearances. I really hope there would be an episode or even two where it would be the members and the two of them as guests. It would be just like old times, yeah?

3. One Chance Missions

Running Man Teamwork (2)

I honestly miss those one chance games from the earlier days of Running Man. I mean, pretty much all of us do. Those games had me on the edge of my seat every time I watch it. It helped the members grow closer together, especially since they were still starting to get to know each other then. And every win they achieve just proves how strong their bond, teamwork, and friendship are. Can we at least bring those back?

Ah, six years. Running Man and its members – Ji Suk Jin, Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, Gary, Haha, Song Ji Hyo, and Lee Kwang Soo – have been making us laugh ’til we cry and our stomachs hurt for six long years. Has it really been that long? It seems as if it was just yesterday when they opened up their first episode on a rooftop with rain pouring down on them. It seems as if it was just yesterday when they were all just starting out and kind of still awkward. And now? They’re like a real family who knows each other too damn well.

Here’s too many more years of laughter, jokes, and Running Man! To the members, I hope your teamwork, friendship, and love for each other strengthen along the way and along the years. To the staff behind RM, I hope you don’t give up on this show. It honestly brings too much joy to its viewers.

Running Man, fighting!

Note: credits to all owners of photos used for this blog


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