Drama Review: Ex-Girlfriend Club


Warning: spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk!

Sooooo, I just finished watching Ex-Girlfriend Club and I must say that you should definitely go ahead and give this one a try! This drama is just the perfect dose of laughter and feels. I actually needed it since I just finished watching The Fugitive of Joseon, I really needed a light drama to watch, and it didn’t fail me. It’s been too long since I laughed way too hard because of a drama.

Watching it, I can’t help but think what a pity it is to be cut down from its original 16 episodes to 12 episodes. I get it, the rating aren’t doing well, especially because it’s a cable drama, but did tvN really have to cut it down to 12 episodes? I mean, we were 4 episodes short of more feels from all the characters. Imagine what could’ve happened in those 4 episodes left. If we got those episodes, maybe we wouldn’t have too much questions still lingering in our minds. Especially this one: when did Myung Soo start liking Soo Jin? I mean, I am in need of an explanation. ASAP.

Nevertheless, they still wrapped it up in a great way, everybody had a happy ending which means *yay*.

So here are some things to look forward to when you watch Ex-Girlfriend Club, or if you’ve already watched it, then join me in reminiscing the following:

1. The undeniable chemistry between Byun Yo Han aka Bang Myung Soo and Song Ji Hyo aka Kim Soo Jin

Ahhhh. I don’t even know where to start. Both actors played their roles really well and you just can’t help but wish for them to actually date in real life. Their long history and extra long journey of becoming an actual and official couple was just too damn cute you’ll be smiling until you get to sleep. Did they actually date in the past or not? And what is this “some” relationship they had three years ago? Why did Soo Jin think they dated in the past while Myung Soo didn’t? These are just some questions you may ask yourself while watching the roller coaster relationship of these two leads. Their best friends to actual couple relationship will keep you rooting for this couple.

2. The friendship of the 3 exes

[tvN] 구여친클럽.E04.150516.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_20150518_112109.271

Of course, Myung Soo’s exes: Na Ji Ah, Jang Hwa Young, and Rara had bad blood from the start, but as the drama goes along especially with their character’s development, you’ll just come to realize that they grew dependent of each other and became *lifelong friends* without even realizing it. All their quirks and mischievous schemes will surely make you fall in love with these three.

3. The entertaining love triangle of Myung Soo, Soo Jin, and Jo Gun

[tvN] 구여친클럽.E07.150529.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH.mp4_20150530_120159.841

Ah, the traditional love triangle. This drama’s love triangle is actually quite entertaining and too funny to be missed. It’s a pity we didn’t get to have more Jo Gun-Kim Soo Jin action, again due to the cut down of episodes. And if we did, we all might actually favor Jo Gun over Myung Soo just a tad bit. Nonetheless, all the bickering between Myung Soo and Jo Gun gave the viewers all the more reason to laugh and enjoy the drama.

Have you watched Ex-Girlfriend Club? If so, what did you think? If not, then go ahead and watch it! You are seriously missing out! Then come back here and comment what you think.

Note: credits to all owners of photos used for this blog


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